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Every life has a story, and every story is a part of history. Collaborate, create, and preserve your family history with GenerationStation. Honor loved ones by adding stories, documents, photos, videos and family connections. Discover stories about distant relatives and record your special memories for future generations to find at GenerationStation.

Anyone with Internet access can browse GenerationStation profiles — no sign-in required. GenerationStation members can upload photos, or videos and collaborate to tell their family story. Basic membership is FREE! If you want more control of your content you can upgrade to a Premium Individual or Family Membership.

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REMEMBER by GenerationStation

Today, when we remember a loved one, our memories are shared as wall posts on Facebook. As time passes these posts fade away. With REMEMBER, you can celebrate someone’s life and know that the tribute will live on, digitally preserved within the REMEMBER Application. Rediscovering these memories is only a click away, whether a day or a decade passes. Use REMEMBER so that your memories endure beyond the news feed.

Share memories, photos and stories with your Facebook friends and family. Know that these moments in time are preserved in the application and easily accessible. Celebrate the lives of your loved ones… REMEMBER them today.

You can use REMEMBER to preserve, honor and share the memories of important people in your life.

  • Family & Friends
  • Celebrities
  • Teachers & Classmates
  • Fallen Soldiers
  • Coaches & Mentors

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